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Smart Sales

Smart Sales is a marketing company specialized in the internationalization/ globalization of small companies and traditional products.

Smart Sales offers manufacturers and small producers the possibility to internationalize, with different strategies, according to the dimension of their companies.
We believe each company has the potential and a market in exporting.
Smart Sales has developed a different process to capacitated you company to exporting, based in e-commerce and strong networking´.
It is another way to sell.

Four strategic pillars


Technology and networking can make the difference. You start small, open new markets, test your product in new markets and develop your strategy based in your results.

You Know, Global Brands can be built from small local companies!
Trust in us, if you need to export your products.


Looking for innovative solutions to meet your international business objectives?

Based both in Portugal and abroad, the International Trade team covers the globe concerning country and industry expertise.

Exporting can be a profitable way to grow your business, spreading your risks and reducing your dependence on the local market.

Exporting can help you become more efficient and optimize your productivity.

If you are small or a family company, even if you have a limited domestic market, you should think about exporting - only a quarter of new exporters are born global.


E-commerce has changed the way millions of people shop.
If, you are not shopping, you are looking for information and comparing prices with traditional retail.

That is the principle to start an e-commerce presence; you need to show your product to the world.

How do we do it? How much do we need to invest to sell globally? Our team doesn't have skills to do so.

Now, we make it easy: we plan, design, develop, implement and manage every step of your web store.
Our e-commerce management program, puts your business export online.


Do you need to Exhibit in a Trade Show?

We can check in your strategic trade show planning.
Where is my competition on this trade show?

What are their booth dimensions?
Whether it is a custom-built, rental booth or some combination of the two, trust SmartSales to create the right solution, according to your objectives and your budget.

Connecting with your clients in today’s overly-saturated, business environment can be tough.
The right exhibit marketing will entertain as much as it informs.


Exhibition Logistics is the process to send materials and goods to an exhibition, and this process starts with a trade show logistic plan, according to the client's necessities, what resources we need, the schedule of the trade show and official contractors involved.

If the client needs customer made packaging, support and consulting to packaging, picking at the client's warehouse, transport, clearance, stocking, and delivery at the stand.

Management and warehousing of empties and tools during the exhibition. After the show, picking the goods at the stand, and forwarding to another trade show or reverse logistic. We have also prepared a sampling service to help you, closing your leads.


“Another way to sell.”

Our motto reflects our activity, our way of being in the market, looking for other ways to market and advertise good products..

MOTTO another way to sell
MISSION - To inernationalise traditional products from family


Our Mission is to internationalise traditional products from family and organic farms, promote the traditional cultures and sustainable life styles, the connection to the earth and to ancestral traditions, and offer experiences and unique products.


Our values reflect our mission and our way of being in the market.

Idealists - We believe in our ideals, we fight and create for them;

Passionate - For what we do, in the way we do it, by the products we work with.

Disruptive - In our modus operandi, in the technology and the form of being;

Responsible - Socially, culturally and environmentally;

Excellence - We excel ourselves every day, we do not want to be good, we want to be the best;

VALUES - Idealists, Passiona, Responsible, Excellence